Friday, July 23, 2010

The Ultrasound

Today was the big ultrasound day! We were soooo excited!! I was up at 6am and not able to get back to sleep I had so much excitement built up. I went to work for 9am as usual, drank all my water by 9:30am as I was supposed to and waited until 10:15am for John to come pick me up. John dropped me off to go register while he went to find parking. I got in to the registration area and my heart sunk-there were soooo many people and my bladder was so full I was about to explode. I grabbed a number - 525 and looked up at the lighted boards to see they were only on 454. Panic sunk in as I imagined myself peeing my pants-lol! I decided to go to the bathroom and then stopped in the gift shop and bought a bottle of water to chug while I waited (I was supposed to have the water into me one hour before hand but surely with a wait this bad I would be okay). I finally got in to the ultrasound faster than I had expected-but it was still quite the wait. I was completely fine-bladder as full as it should be. I laid down and she poured the warm jelly on my belly and we waited and watched in awe.
And then...there was our baby!!!
It was by far the best experience of my life. I immediately fell even more in love with this baby! Tears were of course streaming down my face and I looked at John who also had tears in his eyes! The baby was moving around and it was just too cool! She pointed out all the baby's parts-2 legs, 2 arms, a little hand and 2 little feet. His/Her arm at one point was up over his/her face. It was sooo cute!! We saw and heard the heart beating. It was beating at 139 beats per minute. baby W weighs 9oz right now. I could have stayed there all day watching our baby on that special screen. All thoughts of dying to go to the bathroom completely left me as I forgot all about it while watching our baby. At one point the tech asked me to go empty my bladder and then come back for more pictures so I did. The baby was moving all around!! We saw baby's head, face, spine and belly! It was the absolute best thing in the world! I am welling up just thinking about it!! We chose not to find out the sex. John asked if the tech knew and she said she could find out but won't bother to go looking for it since we don't want to know. She would only do that if there was a reason to (i.e. something wrong with baby that is sometimes gender related). There wasn't. Baby was perfect!! In fact, our baby is measuring a week ahead at 19 weeks and 1 days based on all the information and measurements she gathered. The ultrasound department will use December 16th as their due date but we won't change the due date we have unless the doctor decides to. This is totally normal to measure a week ahead and most likely the baby is just measuring big. We will meet with Dr. H on August 5th for our next pre-natal appointment.
Also, the tech pointed out that the the placenta is in the front which is likely why I have not felt movement yet. She said expect that in another week or two. This also could explain why it was a bit more difficult to find the heart beat at our last appointment.
After our appointment we floated down to patient records and ordered a CD of the pictures she took. We will get that back in about a week so I will definitely be posting some pictures to my blog.
This made it feel that much more real!! My heart could explode with love!!!

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