Thursday, August 19, 2010

22 Weeks!

Today I am 22 weeks pregnant! I don't feel like doing the survey this week. I am still feeling really good except as I mentioned in my previous post, I am very tired this week. I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do and last night was my worst night's sleep yet.
I'm growing everyday-or so it feels! Baby's movement is also getting stronger and stronger with everyday! John tries to feel the baby but hasn't felt it yet-hopefully soon. I'm still craving anything sweet! Candy, cookies, cake and last night under stress I caved and bought a blizzard! I was doing so good until then!! Oh well-I think you're supposed to treat yourself when your pregnant! Thats what I hear anyway!
This week the baby is just over a pound! Can you believe it?! It's the size of a papaya! This baby is growing too fast! Soon we'll be sending him/her off to college ::sniff sniff::!
We are going to order our nursery furniture soon I think! John is very excited to do that and so am I really-I just think it may be a little early but I guess not! I know lots of women that have bought this stuff even before 22 weeks.
In more exciting baby news-we are 99% sure on our baby names!! YAY! I love them so much I wish we were having one of each (a boy and a girl) just so we could use them!! HAHA!! Either way, boy or girl, we'll save the other name for the next baby-if that one happens to be the opposite sex. I just love them both so very much!! I'm soooo excited!!
I'm also researching maternity photographers. It's tough! I had a few of my favorite photographers in mind when we lived in Halifax like Shannon Rowarth who did an amazing job of our wedding photos and of course Heather Crosby-Gionet who is an old friend and did a great job of our engagement photos and my boudoir photos which I gave to John as a wedding gift. However-you typically don't get maternity photos until you are around 36 weeks pregnant and since I won't be in Halifax at that time I need to find someone just as fabulous as Shannon and Heather on a local level! I have my eye on one-we'll see if her prices and schedule (she books up quickly and I would think especially around the Holiday season she will be quite busy) are in our favor.
Other than that not much is new!! John is busy with a new assignment at work which he is loving and I am busy trying to drag my a$$ to work each day-counting down to maternity leave-haha! Our house is coming together as well now that it is pretty much all painted to my liking and we have some curtains hung in our living room. I'll post some house pictures soon as well.


Jessi said...

Congratulations! I think I am 1 day ahead of you with our first! We're not finding out either!!!

Mrs. W said...

Thanks Jessi!! Congrats to you too! I think not finding out is going to be soooo fun!