Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Another fun filled week with Nannie

Sorry I've been MIA blogger world! My mom was visiting for the week and so we've been busy!! I've been very lucky to have had my mom come to visit many times over Forrest's first year considering she lives about 7 hours away!! I've really enjoyed her visits and our time together and I know she has loved every minute with her one and only grandson- getting to know his little personality and watching him grow and develop. I'll admit that when I hear of other young mothers talk about having their mom stop in for a coffee, a visit or even just on a Friday night so they can go to dinner with their hubby while their mom stays with the babe having quality one on one time - I get a little sad!! I wish more than anything we lived closer to our families! It's so hard for me to not get to see them as often as we'd like and I get a little emotional when I think of what they and Forrest are missing out on! Hopefully this will change at some point but not in the foreseeable future! For now we'll just have to rely on skype, visits and many many pictures and videos to capture the moments!
Anyway, back to our visit! The week flew by! We had fun quiet days at home, went Christmas shopping in Moncton while Forrest and Daddy had a guy day, browsed around Saint John, did some holiday baking, mom helped me organize and do some housework, went for lunch and of course John and I took advantage of her week long stay to get a night out sans baby boy and also had morning sleep ins! It, as always, was a fantastic visit!! She left this morning and I miss her already. I didn't take a lot of pictures believe it or not but we were too busy just enjoying the time!
While Mom was here we also met with potential child care which I will get into on my next post....

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